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Jazz Research is focused on jazz in California spanning the years 1945 to 1960. Labels that were founded during these years are of particular interest: Contemporary Records, Pacific Jazz, Nocturne, Jazz:West, Mode, Tampa, Skylark, and Fantasy Records.

The principal of Jazz Research, James A. Harrod, is currently researching and writing a detailed history of the Pacific Jazz / World Pacific label with co-author and researcher, William Emery. Mr. Harrod has been an active contributor to Tom Lord's The Jazz Discography.

The Jazz Discography
C T S Images
Los Angeles Jazz Institute
Jazz Profiles: Steve Cerra


Pacific Jazz: A Discography in Progress, IAJRC Journal, Volume 31, No. 1, Winter 1998.

Bud Shank / Bill Perkins
Pacific Jazz CDP 7243 4 93159 2 1, 1998.

This Time The Dream's On Me
Chet Baker Quartet Live - Volume 1
Pacific Jazz CDP 7243 5 25248 22, 2000

Out Of Nowhere
Chet Baker Quartet Live - Volume 2
Pacific Jazz CDP 7243 5 27693 2 2, 2001

My Old Flame
Chet Baker Quartet Live - Volume 3
Pacific Jazz CDP 7243 5 31573 2 6, 2001

Al Haig on Pacific Jazz
Names & Numbers, No. 41, April 2007

The First Lighthouse All Stars Recordings
Names & Numbers, No. 42, July 2007

The Lighthouse All Stars - Big Boy: Coda
Names & Numbers, No. 44, January 2008

The Chamber Jazz Sextet: A Discography
(Allyn Ferguson's Chamber Jazz Sextet on record and The Stars of Jazz TV series)
Names & Numbers, No. 44, January 2008

Joe Swanson Sessions for Recorded In Hollywood
Names & Numbers, No. 46, July 2008

Jazz Masquerade “Unmasked”
Names & Numbers, No. 48, January 2009

A Jazz Masquerade Surprise
(Crown CLP 5009 - JAZZ MASQUERADE and Crown CLP 5008 - JAZZ SURPRISE)
Names & Numbers, No. 51, October 2009

Way Out Wardell
(The Wardell Gray recordings on Modern, Crown, Custom Records, United and United Superior)
Names & Numbers, No. 53, April 2010

Groovin' High - Stan Getz
(The Stan Getz recordings on Modern, Crown, Custom Records, United and United Superior)
Names & Numbers, No. 57, April 2011

Yet Another Groovin' High
Names & Numbers, No. 58, July 2011

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Jazz Research employs computer analysis to verify musical examples where a question remains whether multiple releases of the same tune are from one master or alternate versions. Mr. Harrod has discovered and verified alternate versions of early Pacific Jazz releases by the following artists: Chet Baker Quartet, Chet Baker Sextet, Richard Twardzik Trio, Jim Hall Trio, Harold Land All-Stars, Cy Touff Quintet, Bill Perkins / John Lewis and the Clifford Brown Ensemble.

Jazz Research is dedicated to producing accurate, in depth research which will add to the canon of published jazz literature. Research requires time. Accurate research requires knowing where to look for correct information. My fees are based on an estimate of the time required to find the information you require for your project. Please get in touch for an estimate.

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